Olga Krickova

I LOVE our NATURE since my childhood. That is why my deep desire coming from my HEART is to take care about it and protect it, because it is part of us. If WE hurt NATURE we hurt ourselves and we hurt NATURE, because WE don´t LOVE ourselves. That is why I want to change a WORLD in a better place through PEOPLE - with LOVE, because LOVE is the only one possibility.

I am starting from myself, I discover, struggle and fight for better me everyday, because you can inspirate people to follow you, only if you know yourself, if you know what do you want and if your words are in harmony with your behaviour, if you know who you are and what is your mission.

I want to wake up people, if they will want, because inside of each women and man is amazing power, pure being what we forgot to use. We can achieve amazing things, if we will discover our lost being again and start to love ourselves.

I want to do it through my everyday living, I want to do what makes me happy, it is not hurting others and it is serving them, because only like this I can inspirate others to follow my acting - be example is the only one thing what I can do.

I know that I am not alone, I know that the change already started, there is no way back - only forward and that amazing future is waiting for us, I go to fulfill my mission and it is up to each person if he or she wants do the same. My sparkle was ignited and growed in a flame. I carry this light in me for everyone.

How should our new World look like? With LOVE and afterewards with immeasurable creativity, dreams, joy, truth, honest, abundance, respect, wisdom and beautiful nature!:-)

  • Work
    • Kokoza
  • Education
    • Managerial Academy of Beroun
    • College of Economic Studies and High Industrial School of Food Technology
    • University of Bremen
    • Metropolitan University Prague, o.p.s.