Oliver Zehentleitner

Managing director and Senior Engineer in Vienna, Austria

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Looking for personalized trading solutions? I'm here to help! As a Python developer, I specialize in creating customized trading bots using MetaTrader, Interactive Brokers, TradingView, and the UNICORN Binance Suite. Check out https://www.lucit.tech to learn more and start trading smarter today. Also, don't miss my blog on data science, programming, and trading: https://medium.lucit.tech

As the founder of LUCIT, I provide expert support to both private and institutional traders in the area of data science, as well as in the development, operation, and maintenance of custom automated trading systems and trading tools.

In addition to my professional work, I'm also an avid supporter of the open source community, and I'm proud to have released the UNICORN Binance Suite as open source software.

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