Oliver Krautscheid

Small Business Owner and Investor in Rhineland, Germany

Oliver Krautscheid

Small Business Owner and Investor in Rhineland, Germany

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Hi, my name is Oliver, I am a smallbiz owner, investor and technical writer developing special interest websites and services.

Websites that I created have reached over 60 million people worldwide. If you would like to learn how to optimize your own assets and get latest webmaster updates, connect with me on Linkedin!

You can also read about my online business ventures and investments on webmaster.net, where I try to help solve common problems online business owners encounter every day, writing about domaining, the web development business, investing and entrepreneurship.

Aside from running my business, I am a seasoned investors who's not afraid of a bear market due to a broad diversification. My expertise is in stocks, domains and virtual commodities.

- Causes I care about -

Raising awareness about ocean cleanup projects and internet freedom.

I have been involved in Blockchain projects since 2013 and web decentralization projects since 2014 and look forward to a really transparent and democratic voting system based on a Blockchain or a similar public ledger that will fundamentally change this planet.

I also believe we need to make public spending as transparent as possible as soon as possible.

My interests: I have a keen interest in travel photography, nutrition and enjoy the occasional glass of wine, Indie video games and a good Sci-Fi flick.

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    • Peakstone Media Ltd.
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    • Media Designer
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