Oliver White Barrister

London, England, United Kingdom

Oliver White, barrister, is a highly regarded London-based commercial barrister who works from 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square, London, United Kingdom. During his career he has been instructed to work on some of the leading commercial disputes that have appeared before the commercial courts. Renowned for being an aggressive litigator, he brings an expert wealth of commercial knowledge with his specialist approach.

He is known to “get to the heart of the issues without distraction” and is one of the most in demand barristers in the industry. Oliver White is a leading barrister for banking litigation and civil fraud and works on behalf of many large corporate groups. To find out more about Oliver White and his work as a barrister please visit his website and social media profiles such as LinkedIn.

  • Work
    • 4-5 Gray's Inn Square
  • Education
    • Leeds University
    • Clifton College