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Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Project Manager in Doncaster, United Kingdom

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Olivia Smythe

I am always in a fix when it comes to bad credit situation. From long, I am in poor credit situation with no hope to get rid of it. But after exploring the FinTech Market, now I can say that I have some hopes. The online bad credit loans are in good range and online lenders are quite flexible in their approach. With good current financial status, I can avail funds on customised rates.


BadCreditsHistory is an established FinTech Player with many money options for those in intense need of funds. Specialised loan products for bad credit people to help them improve credit scores. Customised deals inspire timely repayments and in turn, the borrower gets an improved credit rating.

The company offers many types of loans like –

Bad credit loans

The loans on lower rates with personalised pricing and flexible repayments to assist people financially during bad credit situation.

No guarantor loans

Funds without the obligation of guarantor. Interest rates are little higher but relaxation in rates makes the deal affordable.

Unemployed loans

Jobless people can borrow funds without any collateral and guarantor. Do not forget to present good recent financial status to get the approval hassle-free.

Unsecured loans

Borrow with no collateral to secure the repayments without any long list of questions on the purpose of the loan.

Christmas loans

Loans for Christmas with amazing festive discounts and flexible policies.

Instant payday loans

Super quick loans with approval decision in seconds and fund disbursal in minutes.