Olivier Gossweiler

Zurich, Switzerland

Early digital immigrant with 20+ years of working experience as a mechanical engineer, IT recruiter, IT sales manager, agile web development team leader, digital project manager and digital marketing team & strategy lead.

Proud dad of four wonderful kids, active sportsman, former american football player, defense coordinator and head coach with a pair of Swiss national championship titles in the top american football league in Switzerland.

Having an exceptional level of energy, motivation and ability to learn quickly and connect the dots, I love to work on new stuff and find ways to do things in a better way. What can we achieve together?

  • #digitalmarketing
  • #marketingautomation
  • #teamwork
  • #newwaystodothings
  • #sports
  • Work
    • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Education
    • Swiss Federal Diplomas in Marketing, IT and Mechanical Engineering