Olivier Maurel

Olivier Maurel is 34, living in Paris (France) and actively curious about open innovation, social business, new media, mindfulness, plenitude economy and collective intelligence.

He is graduated from ESCP Europe, with a specialisation in finance. As a consultant, he worked on innovation and the launch of new activities for consumer goods and media leaders. Following several assignments in the movie industry, television and telecommunication carriers, he was in charge of business development with vpod.tv, a web agency specializing in on-line video platforms. From 2008 to 2012, he has been working with danone.communities: he was in charge of social innovation and community management in this social business incubator, designed by Pr.Yunus (inventor of Micro-finance) and the Danone Group. He 2013, Olivier launched a new innovative program, Danone for Entrepreneurs: a platform and a network to incubate entrepreneurs. In 2014, he was promoted Open Innovation Director to accelerate Danone’s transformation as an Open Enterprise.

Aside, he participated to "open innovation" movements: he attended to the World Social Forum seventh times, co-organized different barcamps and conferences such as TEDxParis and Digital4Change (up to 3000 attendees)... until the Burning Man Festival (gift economy in the desert) In 2011, he co-launched an alternative currency named “Lemna”, to facilitate kindness on social networks.

TEDx : http://tinyurl.com/OlivierTEDx2013

Centifolia : http://tinyurl.com/OlivierCentifolia2013

Projet : Nos Grandes Écoles Buissonnières.

Twitter : http://twitter.com/oliv20
Facebook : http://facebook.com/olivier.maurel
Blog : http://olivier2point0.typepad.com
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