Consultant, Direct Marketing, and B2B Sales in Long Beach, CA

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OLN Inc implements marketing initiatives for global vendors in the local Los Angeles market. We are headquartered in Long Beach, CA, with more than 8 locations, and are contracted to open two more offices by year’s end. We are currently working on a business-to-business marketing campaign for one of the US's largest telecommunications companies and the largest US-based e-commerce company. We are not a full-service marketing firm; rather, our primary focus is customer acquisition and retention for our clients.

Management at OLN Inc reviews our function: “We allow our clients to focus on product innovation and leave customer engagement up to us.” We provide our clients with effective marketing strategies and a personal touch. We don't just make sales, with the help of our face-to-face independent sales force, we establish long-term customers and, as we build brand loyalty, we enhance product appreciation.

OLN Inc is made up of highly motivated and professional team members with great character, integrity, and discipline. We are dedicated to the idea that our people are our business and we pride ourselves on working with the best that there is in the Los Angeles market.

We truly believe that when people feel happy and are growing in their careers, that is when real growth is possible. The HR Director at OLN Inc reviews the opportunities while working at OLN Inc: “Each employee has the opportunity to get personalized training in leadership development, sales and marketing, and public speaking, just to name a few.”

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