Omer Quenneville

The professional me. Licensed Realtor for over 20 years in Toronto and 5 Years in Hong Kong, mortgage specialist, columnist and guest lecturer on all aspects of real estate. International marketing consultant for new developments Canada/Asia.

Omer Quenneville the person. I love live theatre, inline skating and travel. When I combine all three together like inline skating in Beijing, and catch a live show at the Lyric in Hong Kong, nothing makes me happier. Real estate interested me since I was in grade school. I loved watching buildings go up as a child and I like being involved in the changes a simple development can make to a neighborhood for generations to come. I've worked in commercial real estate and have worked on many land assembly projects. Currently in my career I get the most satisfaction from working with trade up buyers and sellers in the real estate market downtown Toronto while I am simultaneously developing an international marketing consulting company for new developments between Canada/Asia. I feel the scope and knowledge of the realtor is no longer just neighborhoods, bricks and mortar. Financing is a huge part of owning real estate and a good agent today should have thorough knowledge of the mortgage products available and be able to advise client on all aspects of the mortgage products available. Not just interest rates, but terms and conditions and most importantly discharge penalties. If you have ever been hit with a surprise $10,000 or $20,000 penalty on a simple residential mortgage, you will know what I am talking about. What to know more about me? Check me out around town at one of my real estate lectures or give me a call for a one on one personal chat.

Omer Quenneville

Graydon Hill Realty Ltd.

Hong Kong Lic #

Toronto 416-778-7880

Hong Kong 852-9176-4828