Jonathan Gillmore

Given a 20,000 RPM speed so that with a very sharp and heat hardened tip we could generate enough heat just at that point zone that very small zone to soften the epoxy that binds these collinear glass. Fibers together and then allow the fibers to guide the post down it so sort of like when you learn how to start a fire with a pointed stick member that boys going down there too many times. Ray exactly yeah well it worked and worked beautifully the first time the only problems we had early on in his I realize that without our proprietary technique of making. These I can actually melt the tip of some of the off-the-shelf products it would melt over because that's that tip is so sharp and so small and going through glass will actually generate. That much heat all I can tell you from experience the drill having used it for a couple years works better than trying to start a fire with a piece of wood mistake wealth is to fire on all the drills… I can see the drills delicious give them a visual starting at the apex so your invention the heat generated temperamental tractors including some space and some diamond. Can you just give them a visual description from the tip to the shank with the with the post on the drums like and how it functions imagine a needle sharp point and then it rose into.