OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook is the longest standing goto book for OpenStack users new and old, including CERN who use the book as part of the training for people using the cloud infrastructure platform. It will show you exactly how to install the components that are required to make up a private cloud environment. You will learn how to set up an environment that you manage just as you would with a public cloud provider like Rackspace by experienced OpenStack administrators and architects.

Interview with the authors, Kevin Jackson, Cody Bunch and Egle Sigler at the OpenStack Super User pages:

The book was written during the Juno release cycle but we also managed to include Kilo too before publication. We also maintain the latest release of OpenStack as a working virtual environment that accompanies the book at - so you can easily spin up a working environment to get hands-on experience at configuring, installing and using OpenStack.

Feedback is always welcome on the book! You can email or through as well as the Facebook or Google+ Pages [see links below].

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