Ophelia Wen

Student, proofreader, and writer in Los Angeles, California

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Hi there!

My name is Ophelia, but you can also call me Ophie. I am an Accounting and Finance major at California State University, Fullerton (go Titans!).

Challenging myself is really important to me. I continually seek out new opportunities to develop my skills and myself as a person. I am an active member of Accounting Society CSUF which is a professional student organization with over 600 members. As Spring 2015 Membership Chair, I helped to recruit over 300 members and give class presentations. In Fall 2015, I held three board positions simultaneously as Mentoring Chair, Marketing Director and ISACA Secretary. It's been an inspiring journey, and I plan to extend it further through my officer position as Director of Operations in Spring 2016.

I will be graduating in Fall 2016 with full CPA eligibility and plans to grow a career in public accounting.

In summer 2016, I'll be an assurance intern at PricewaterhouseCoopers. For the time being, I am a PwC campus ambassador who enjoys working out and writing.

One of my nicknames is 'Smile Ophie'. When I was young, I didn't smile much... but what made me smile more was when I discovered my faith and a relationship with God at age 15. I am and always will be grateful for Jesus' role in my life. He's the reason I smile even when things don't go my way!

I also have a proofreading hobby at Fiverr where I am a 5-star rated seller. Please check out my page HERE to support me! It would be heavily appreciated! If you need work proofread and edited, I can definitely help you with that. Reading and writing are two of my favorite hobbies, and I've been complimented on my writing by many people, including other students, authors, professors, customers and more.

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    • California State University, Fullerton