Sean Clark

Hi, My name is Sean. I am a web software engineer. I have been programming for the web for about 8 years now. I started learning HTML and the slowly worked into PHP. I started a huge project that was written completely in raw javascript, thus began my javascript career. Aftwards, I went to school to learn C and some newer programming techniques. During this time I picked up mySQL and got back in PHP.

I consider myself an expert in PHP, Javascript, mySQL and jQuery. With a strong emphasis on AJAX and HTML5 applications. I'm really interested in cutting edge web technologies such as HTML5, basically anything that Internet Explorer can't do, I like.

I'm also rather versed in many programming techniques such as writing API's, building MVC frameworks, PayPal payment systems, creating full database structures, and complicated event based planning.

As you may have noticed, I like to teach. Or I just like to hear myself talk, haven't figured that out yet. Either way this life of programming is causing me to learn so much about so many topics. I started my youtube channel in 2007 with the intent to just share some programming thoughts. I now have almost 1000 views a day and over 200 videos online. The best way for me to learn, is to explain back to myself so that I understand. Thefore, it becomes easy to make these training videos. As soon as I figure out something awesome, I make a video about it and hope that someone else needed to learn the same thing. My goal in the future is to keep making videos, but for more advanced users. As I continue to learn more, I find the amount of documentation and training material decreases. This is really tough because advanced programmers still need to research how to do something. For example, If you look up how to jQuery slide, you get 1.5 million results. If you look up PayPal adaptive payment api quirks, you get maybe 2.

Life is fun. When I'm not destroying my eyes in front of 3 monitors I like to go camping, hiking, skiing, ice skating and exercising. I really want to sky dive some day, and I also want to go into space one day. I've secretly always wanted to be an astronaut, but after working on some NASA projects I'm not so inclined to anymore.