Optimal Solutions Group

Optimal Solutions Group, LLC, provides data-driven research and technical support for government agencies, private companies, and non-profit and philanthropic organizations. Optimal Solutions Group operates five research centers that gather specialized information: Workforce Development and Social Policy, Education, Optimal Analytics, Health, and Housing, Economic Development and Transportation.

At its Health Policy Research Center (HPRC), Optimal Solutions Group provides quality research and assessment on ever-changing health issues. Within this center, Optimal Solutions Group employs statisticians, researchers, and clinicians who have experience conducting evaluations of programs and initiatives as well as large research studies. HPRC projects study the potential effects of new projects and policies on stakeholders as well as gauging the effects of programs already in place. HPRC’s professionals have expertise in the areas of managed care, substance abuse, Medicare, fraud and waste, prescription drug programs, and chronic care improvement programs. The group has experience in the implementation of quality-of-care measures, conducting audits to ensure regulatory compliance, analyzing costs and benefits, providing technical assistance to projects, and evaluating quasi-experimental designs.

Optimal Solutions Group’s Housing, Economic Development and Transportation Research Center (HEDTRC) is another branch of the company that is active in policy analysis. Conducting research that aids both policy makers and practitioners in development and pre-development fields, this research center has worked with a number of government agencies. In the past, for example, Optimal Solutions Group’s HEDTRC has worked with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), for which it conducted research related to the 602 Nonprofit Disposition Program.