Viktor Futó

Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

The progress so far:
My dream is to simplify the way how we perceive informations and comprehend the knowledge.

I've been doing the research, testing and working on it for more than 3 years. I've made a few different applications that I've tested, but it wasn't good enough. In my research I went through graph theory, predicate logic, ontology, knowledge representation, data mining and all of that in a context of UX usability while in the same time learning and coming into touch with Django, Backbone, Ruby on Rails, Neo4j, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular.js, Dart...

If you admire the beauty of the knowledge and you would like to participate, you are free to join the party and write or add me on social media.

Or if you have the same dream and you're already up to something, it would be an honor for me to join yours.

  • Education
    • Charles University in Prague