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Gabapnetinis also used to treats seizures by reduce abnormal excitement in the mind.Gabapentin 100mg is a pain relief medicine and this is also used to treat moderate severe pain.Gabapentin 100 mg is the brand name of Neurontin.this medicine is used to increase blood circuation and excitement of brain. Using this medicine in excess can also cause human death. so we should used this medicine under limits. Gbapetin 100 mg is a group of Narcotic Drug. This pain killer is also used to control seizures pain, dry cough.gabapentin main tain our heartbeats. we can not use this medicine without Doctor's consultation. Gabapentin is used to treat seizures and control epilepsy.if we take this medicine in more quantinty. then it can attack our body part it can atttack our body parts, paralysis attack, kidney fail and harmful for our lever.

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