Oren Shabat Laurent

startups, Consultant, and Director in Israel

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Oren Shabat Laurent – Business and Benevolence

An expert in trading, Oren Shabat Laurent has cemented his role as the go-to person in the digital options industry.

Younger Years

Originally from Israel, Laurent moved to the USA with his family at a young age and and grew up in New York. After completing his school education, he returned to Israel to do his military service at the IDF's Paratroopers Brigade. He was discharged honorably and went back to the States to study Economics at NYU.

Oren Shabat Laurent’s Early Career

After leaving university, Laurent worked as a retail broker for some of the top companies on Wall Street, specializing in stocks and structures. Towards the end of 2009 a slump in the global economy inspired him to return to Israel once again, and start his own venture. He opened an online trading platform. Soon, Laurent built a reputation for being a top source of industry insights. His knowledge encompasses all aspects of digital trading, including operations and statutory supervision, and he is also known for his firm stance on safeguarding traders and trading companies through stringent regulations and increased transparency.

Delving Into Cryptocurrency

Despite scepticism from other entrepreneurs around the world, Oren Shabat Laurent is embracing the cryptocurrency trend and is including it in his portfolio of business ventures. Cryptocurrency remains a mystery to many but can be loosely defined as peer-to-peer digital cash system - the first of its kind able to prevent users from double-spending. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world believe that traditional banking will give way to this progressive medium of exchange. A great variety of opinions exist around what cryptocurrency is and whether it is merely a fly-by-night trend or the evolution of money.

Beyond Digital Trading

Oren Shabat Laurent is also involved with several philanthropic activities, and has vested interests in the Israeli real estate industry. He is the owner of Domus Market Place, a real estate company that develops green properties in suburbs around Israel, and Domus Underwriting, a company that provides financing options to local real estate businesses. Laurent also co-owns the Arazim Tveria, a hotel located in the historical city Tiberias. Passionate about football and other sports.

Laurent is married with two children.

  • Education
    • New York University