Oscar Deric Brown

Composer/Conductor/Pianist and Musician in New York

Oscar Deric Brown

Composer/Conductor/Pianist and Musician in New York

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Oscar Deric Brown - オスカー・デリック・ブラウン

There are things that are about to happen. Things are about to change. Change is never easy. And sometimes it happens very slowly. But change will come. We, I have been working towards that change. Inner change. The power of one voice. And the power of many join in victory. One Indian can change his world and then the world around him. I have been talking to my ancestors for a long time. And they say now is the time. The power of conversation. "The Conversation Project"

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Oscar Deric Brown is no one’s cliché. Raised by his Native American parents until the age of ten, Oscar lived Japan, and began playing the piano at the age of three.

Trained in classical music and heavily influenced by the composer, Sergi Rachmaninoff, Brown found jazz through his father and the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Oscar's early devolopment and traning at the Piano would come from Johana Harris, Walter Biship .Jr, and Horace Silver.

And his final year in High School serving as an Apprentice for the Saxaphonist Composer, Oliver Nelson.

Now Brown is a bit of a legend himself, having performed and recorded with Dizzy Gillespie, Carlos Santana, Herbie Haocock, Sting, and many more.

Japan’s influence in Brown’s life would reemerge at pivotal moment in 1995. After the devastating Hanshin Earthquake that destroyed the city of Kobe.

Brown partnered with Producer Kenny Inaoka and artist Kenji Koga to produce the CD "The Rainbow Colored Lotus" Polydor, that included some of the top names in Jazz,
such as Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Dave Holland, Pat Methany, Jack DeJohnette, Mino Cinelu, Mirolav Vitous, Sakamoto Ryuichi, and Gary Peacock. In October 1995 Brown produce a live concert tribute to the victims of the earthquake, “The World Music Festival Kobe”, which was named by CNN, Billboard Magazine and Variety Pro as one of the most significant musical events of 1995.

For the next 15 years Oscar woud serve as Composer,Musical Director, Producer for some of the top names in Music and Films. 2016 would be the year of "The Conversation Project"

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