Oscar Salguero

Senior Software Engineer in New York

Oscar began coding at the age of 12 while attending middle school. At the age of 18 founded his own software consulting firm and with it advised several domestic and international customers on for their IT needs. In college he studied Computer Science.

He founded JUGsv, El Salvador's first Java User Group, co-founded El Salvador's first Google Technologies User Group (formerly known as GTUGs, now GDGs) where he has served as Speaker/Blogger, co-founded Mentoring for El Salvador, an award winning Mentoring Program for low income high-school kids in El Salvador developing a Web based platform that allows mentors to communicate with students.

Oscar has designed and developed software for prestigious companies and organizations such as DataSoft, Avianca/TACA Airlines, EQUIFAX, ACF Technologies, the Inter-American Development Bank, co-founded and led mobile development at Geopon, a mobile commerce/advertising startup, worked at Genome, an award-winning experiential digital agency and startup accelerator where he created iOS and Android MVPs for incubating startups, worked for clients such as United Airlines, EXXON & Mobile, Verizon and Universal Studios.

Following 20+ years of experience as Java Developer, IT Analyst, R&D Software Engineer, developing his own startups and as IT Consultant, Oscar is an expert Software Engineer capable of creating almost any kind of software for the web, mobiles and embedded devices using any programming language, proprietary and Open Source technologies. Software written by him is installed in 50+ countries and is used by millions of users every day.

Currently, he is Senior Android Engineer at BeenVerified.com, where he is in charge of developing completely new versions of the company's Android apps.

Oscar loves to attend hackathons, conferences, meetups, to learn new stuff all the time and share the little he knows with everyone. He enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors while walking his awesome dog Duke, living a healthy lifestyle, cooking, traveling, all things Science, Technology and Space, etc.

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