Oskar Boethius Lissheim

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Designer in Stockholm, Sweden

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Multiplyer®. Currently building & coaching startups, angel investing in Stockholm + the internets. Mentor, Product Designer, ScrumMaster™, CTO, Full-Stack Dev, Clojure & Rama Fanboi. Composer & musician. Father of two ❤️

Clojure rama golang swift & elixir/phoenix developer, product/interaction designer & certified ScrumMaster™.

Proud LongNow.org foundation member since June 02016, and supporting the Vipassana Research Institute, Founder's Pledge, the Future of Life Institute, Plan Intl, Effective Altruism, the ICIJ, Medium, and the B612 Foundation, for the greater good.

  • Work
    • Multiply.co @ Norrsken Sthlm
  • Education
    • Chalmers University
    • Gothenburg University
    • Gotland School of Composition
    • Freiburg Musikhochschule