Guðbjörg Ósk

Iceland & Bali Indonesia

Hi, and thank you for stopping by.

I guess you would like to know more about me.

I grew up in a wonderful island full of adventurous places and people, south from the Icelandic coast, the Vestmanna-islands.

With my young parents which appreciated and encouraged me I felt like I could do everything, they teached me to be joyful and spontaneous. A kind of living in the moment. I had the most affectuous and happy upbringing.

Somehow despite the love and affection I had in my life, I practiced to be demanding, judgemental and never caring, loving or appreciating myself.

So about the age of 34 I found myslef in a very limiting situation. I had disc protutions, many allergies, digestive problems, just to count few of the symptomes I was dealing with.

I realized I had to change something. First I thought it was the world I was living in, thee others. But I consider myself guided with grace since I embarked on the journey of selfdevelopment. Understanding that the only thing I had to change was me and the best thing to learn was to love myself.

Since I have travelled the world, inside of me. Which I encourage you to do. It is a lifelong journey from now to love.

I am teaching people to learn to love themselves, with the stragedies I used and all the learnings I have approched to be able to understand all situations, lifestories and patterns, each one is dealing with.

When you Learn to Love Yourself and appreciate who you are you understand the purpose and the importance of you being here in this life, your world changes. You act from your heart which holds the key to the divinity and grace you are supposed to be here.

With my serene energy which makes every word spoken a sacred link in a wondrous chain you will learn the meaning with your nature, wisdom and the uniqueness you are.
I have a palpable grace, powerful energy that carries through encouragement and possibility for healing.

  • Work
    • Awareness Coach, Therapist, Public speaker
  • Education
    • Awareness Coaching
    • Craniosacral,
    • Eastern Healing
    • Yoga