Osman Köroğlu (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ph.D.)

Editor, Advisor, and Lecturer in İstanbul, Turkey

Osman Köroğlu (Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ph.D.)

Editor, Advisor, and Lecturer in İstanbul, Turkey

Experienced ICT editor, advisor and new media and communication sciences lecturer currently living in İstanbul, Turkey. Interested in research and development-oriented projects. Purpose: Proficiency and respectability in content providing, educating and consulting. Experience details:


• Head of Sociology Department Fatih University, 02.2016 – 07.2016

• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatih University, 07.2014 – 07.2016, Sciences and Letters Faculty, Sociology Department

• Assoc. Prof. Dr. Degree (Applied communications) 04.2014. Interuniversity Council (ÜAK) jury members: Prof. Dr. Ümit Atabek, Prof. Dr. Filiz Aydoğan Boschele, Prof. Dr. Metin Işık, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şahinkaya, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yüksel

• Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatih University, 10.2008- 06.2014, Vocational School, PR Program


• Diction Master Trainer Public Education Center, Eskişehir, 10.2017-12.2017

• Advisor Depoglobal Logistics Antrepo, Istanbul 03.2017–04.2017

• Internet Advisor Feza Publishing, Istanbul 04.2006–11.2007

• Internet Editor PC World, Macworld-Dünya Globus, Istanbul 12.2005-04.2006

• Project Editor Focus Magazine-Doğan Magazine Group, Istanbul 08.2005-12.2005

• Editor Bilgi Çağı Magazine-Konak Medya, Istanbul 01.2005–07.2005

• Content Editor Yenibiris.com-Doğan Online, Istanbul 05.2004-12.2004

• Freelance ICT Editor, Ghostwriter Freelance, Istanbul 02.2004-Ongoing

• Editor Technology Channel TV, Istanbul 11.2003-12.2004

• Project Editor BT Haber-Interpro Medya, Istanbul 08.2002-10.2002

• Representative Ericsson Creaworld (Mobilityworld)-Turkeyhightech, Istanbul 04.2001-04.2002

• Editor Computerworld, PC World-İhlas Magazine Group, Istanbul 11.1999-02.2001

• Editorial Trainee AD.net Dergisi-Doğan Magazin Group, Istanbul 08.1999-09.1999

• Editorial Trainee Macworld-IDG Turkey, Istanbul 06.1998-08.1998

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