Oswaldo Mancia

heyei dudes how you doing? great ok, I am Angelin Mancia. am studying my major in Electrical Engineering I have experience in CAD Computer-aided design. if someone ask me are you an introvert or an extrovert ? my answer is I'm a mixture of both talkative,open and honest, my favorite season is summer the weather always is nice hang out different place I like practice soccer, basketball, hiking mountain and ride bicycle. ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: "This life always seems to me to be a continuing process of education and development. What we are preparing for, none of us can be sure. But, that we must do our best while we are here and develop all our capacities is absolutely certain. We face whatever we have to face in this life. And if we do it bravely and sincerely, we're probably accomplishing that growth which we were put here to accomplish."