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There are a number of ways to get the Panama electronic affidavit on one's passport. For assistance, one could contact their passport office. Panama is a member of the International Organization for Security Matters (OAS). Any documentation, including passports and id cards, will be accepted at any American consular offices around the world. The Department of State doesn't issue American passports.

A person can also request a copy their Panama electronic affidavit from the Panama Canal Authority. There are several conditions to this service. Notably, if paperwork is not completed properly, a PCA employee may enter Panama electronically. Only the file name and a blank email address will be provided.

The sworn statement method is available to anyone who wants their passport checked before they travel. This method requires a person to swear in front of a clerk in a government office that they have been domiciled in Panama for six months or more. The sworn statement must be recorded and sent by mail to the PCA. Any discrepancies can be presented to the relevant authorities.

When a person gets a Panama electronic affidavit, they still might need to enter Panama papers in order to be allowed entry into the country. The only requirement is that the person present a signed certificate from their employer stating that they were employed in Panama. Once a person gets a passport, they will still need to provide proof of identity and of residence through either a US bank account or an original Panama tax ID.