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Oui-kan-doo: Marshall Barnes Launches Effort To Achieve Global Real Life Wakanda

Marshall Barnes Oui-kan-doo vs "Wakandas"

This is the advanced concept science/tech enterprise to complete recent breakthroughs in time travel research to establish a real life Wakanda in the past, when few other humans existed. Named Oui-kan-doo, it will become the dominant culture on the planet with its 21st century technology, simultaneously escaping the further disasters, pandemics and extinction level threats here while making billions through export of minerals, jewels, and precious metals back here. Read the science policy paper it's based on - TEMPORAL ESCAPE.

Remember, the Doomsday Clock is now 100 seconds to midnight and that was before this COVID-19 pandemic. Our existence here has no guarantee... 12 Monkeys to Midnight

The New, True Science of Time Travel

Mission - Earth:12KB4 Either way, we can't plan to stay...