Something about myself:

I'm a total music junkie living in Bejing, China. I have a board taste in music. Folk, alternative rock, indie pop, post-rock, synthpop and soundtrack are my favourites at present. I really enjoy discovering new music. So feel free to contact me to talk about different styles and sounds.

I'm also fascinated by new internet products and desktop applications, and how they can change my learning and living experience.

Some web services or software I can not live without:

Gmail – My email get organized with several filters and 5 inboxes. Google Docs, GCal and Toodledo are integrated into Gmail through gadgets. And those lovely keyboard shortbuts, which you can find in Gmail, GCal and GReader, make my life so much easier.

Dropbox – As I only own one PC with one OS at present, dropbox is installed mainly for backup files. Anyway, it's nice to know that my portable apps, project documents, photos and export files of applications are always safe and accessible from anywhere.

Evernote – Before fell in love with Evernote, I never saw myself as an addict of taking notes.

Diigo - Make it possible to highlight and annotate on websites. Diigo keeps record of my online route neatly and help me do some online research.

Spotify - If you love listening music, don't miss Spotify. It enriches my music experience and I'm so grateful.

Firefox, Chrome, Lastpass, Launchy, AHK, TC, Strokeit, Instapaper, Everything, Ditto, PhraseExpress, etc.

Services or software that I pay for:

Diigo - basic plan for unlimited highlights, cached page and full text search.

随手记 - to backup my records of consumption.

Lastpass - to use lastpass on my HTC Wildfire.

How I stay organized / productive:

3P (problems, progresses, plans) everyday; On the road to implement GTD and PKM into my daily life.

(p.s. Unable to find the source of the backgroud image. I think I downloaded it from wallbase.net.)