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The sport/game called Ovasinax came about, as a result of the previous lack of a “pool party” contest that could test athletic ability (up to a moderate level) and also be easy to referee.

The interest that Ovasinax has quickly generated in several “warm weather” places has been great, and it would be nice to see more individuals/groups who can organize Ovasinax events or endorse/promote Ovasinax.

You know – the Ovasinax name is based on the phrase “ovanpå sin axlar”, which is a rough Swedish translation of “on top of his shoulders”.

Any future Ovasinax event organizer would keep all of the proceeds with no interference from us, as long as the original Ovasinax rules (and regulations) are maintained.

To read more about this swimming pool-based race game (that features women standing/sitting on male shoulders), please glance at the new Ovasinax web-site and the other relevant web-pages.

*THANKS & REGARDS (from the Ovasinax designers)*

ONLY NECESSITIES: (a) A small swimming pool with a completely flat floor; (b) Padding (e.g. pool mattresses) - to cushion the rim of the pool and to demarcate lanes within the pool; (c) Adhesive tape; (d) Cardboard boxes; (e) Call bells; (f) Stopwatches.

BASIC RULES: (a) Three teams compete in each race; (b) One "stand-on-shoulders" lap is followed by two "sit-on-shoulders" laps (each lap = one length of the pool); (c) The female partner rings a specific call bell (that is hidden among stacked cardboard boxes) at the completion of each lap.

CONTESTANTS' ELIGIBILITY: (a) Age of 18+; (b) A minimum weight of 110 lbs (roughly 50 kg); (c) A minimum height of 5 feet (roughly 150 cm); (d) The female partner in a team must not weigh less than two-thirds of the weight of her male partner.

PLUS POINTS: (a) Easy to referee; (b) Relatively inexpensive to organize; (c) Exciting to watch; (d) Encourages physical fitness; (e) Oozes romance; (f) Carries no real risk of injury.

*A 'beach' version and a 'relay' version also exist*

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    • Created in 2013 (and has been gaining a lot of interest since mid-2014)