Overseas Pakistanis Cell

Attorney, Advocate High Court, and DHA Registered and Authorized in Karachi

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Overseas Pakistanis Grievances & Disciplinary Commission’s Complaints Wing.

Human Rights Cell @ Bureau of Bar Counsel.

Our dedicated Overseas Pakistanis Grievances & Disciplinary Commission’s Complaints Wing in the Human Rights Cell at the Bureau of Bar Counsel is legally autonomous, and its federation includes sixteen sovereign republics for redressal of fraud, illegal possession, and delays in the disposal of pending cases.

Issue Faces by Overseas Pakistanis:
> Defrauds by land mafia
> Arrests of accused individuals
> Frauds in plots/land purchased by them
> Lack of quality professional legal advice
> Inordinate delay in court case decisions
> Documentation preparation for deportees
> Inability to pursue legal matters from abroad
> Criminological interventions instead of convictions
> Illegal possession of properties in Pakistan or threats thereof
> Marital rape, also known as spousal rape, is a violation of human rights
> Structured criminological interventions on gang rape, an injustice of silence
> Organized/inter-provincial/white-collar, blue-collar and no-collar crimes at the provincial level

Our Fulbright Legion Ambassadors, who also act as Frontiersmen, are leading from the front to advise and ensure the extension of special assistance and due care to senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons.

We assist them with their legal needs, such as opening bank accounts, registering as voters, accessing credit, inheriting, owning property, accessing social protection benefits, data collection, developing linkages with relevant stakeholders, monitoring, reporting, and financial management.

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