ovey yeung

People, Strategy, and Consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

ovey yeung

People, Strategy, and Consultant in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Ovey is a Communications and Innovation Consultant with a background in agency, technology startups, innovation, and change management in large organizations.

Ovey has been leading digital transformations since 2004, working in the startup space since 2011, and now in the innovation space since 2018. She scales companies globally and is specialized in cross-border businesses, organizational change management, and Agile transformations.

Ovey thrives on moving organizations from growth to inception, product-market fit to go-to-market. She led the implementation of the first Olympics (2010 Winter Olympics) to have a digital-first communication strategy and helped Hachette Fillipachi launch ELLE.com. Previously, she founded oy&co, a marketing communication agency with clients in the finance, civic, and fashion space, and founded Y57, a youth radio show broadcast across Canada on the FM dial.

Ovey has since designed and led programs around the global in innovation as an EIR and Agile Coach at TsingHua University, the University of British Columbia, and now coaching teams to be more effective in Canada's BC government. Ovey had the privilege of speaking at TEDxSFU.

When not attached to her iPhone, you can find Ovey playing tennis, ultimate frisbee, golf, or adventuring outdoors.



Ovey喜歡將組織從增長轉向創始,從產品市場匹配轉向上市。她領導了第一個(2010年冬季奧林匹克運動會)擁有數字首推通訊策略的實施,並幫助Hachette Fillipachi推出了ELLE.com。此前,她創立了oy&co,一家具有金融、公民和時尚空間客戶的營銷通訊代理公司,並創立了Y57,一檔面向加拿大的青年廣播節目,在FM電台廣播。

Ovey自此設計並領導了全球創新項目,作為清華大學、英屬哥倫比亞大學和現在加拿大BC政府的敏捷教練。 Ovey有榮幸在TEDxSFU發表演講。