ovey yeung

Growth, Culture, and Management Consultant in Hong Kong

ovey yeung

Growth, Culture, and Management Consultant in Hong Kong

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Ovey founded oy&co, a communications agency in Vancouver, Toronto and New York at 16. Ovey started studying at Simon Fraser University but quickly realized her passion was in building businesses and left for her career.

After several years, Ovey returned to Vancouver in 2010 to take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as the Editor of the 2010 Winter Olympics. She then moved back to NYC to help Hachette Fillipachi NY launch ELLE.com and ELLEgirl.com.

Ovey transitioned into tech after, where she took Notesolution (now OneClass) globally. Ovey then continued her career at Shape Collage (now Loupe), developing strategic partnerships and managing over 5 million users worldwide. She went through GrowLab (now Highline), a VC backed accelerator program (for the second time) with BitLit. She then moved to HK and took EventXtra worldwide.

Ovey also founded and previously ran Y57, an alternative media broadcast showcasing musicians and socially engaged youth. Ovey is currently building an empire at TGN (Tuspark Global Network) in Asia. When not attached to her iPhone, you can find her playing tennis, ultimate, golf or adventuring outdoors.

Ovey had the privilege of speaking at TEDxSFU.

楊傲斐(Ovey)於她16歲時成立了oy&co,是一家橫跨溫哥華、多倫多和紐約的市場營銷傳播代理公司。Ovey 入讀於西蒙弗雷澤大學(Simon Fraser University)後,很快便意識到自己的熱情在於建立事業,於是她決定離開學校並開始她的職業生涯。

經過數年打拼後,Ovey 於2010年為了一個一生人只有一次的機會回到溫哥華,擔任2010年冬季奧運會編輯。隨後她搬回紐約幫助紐約樺榭媒體集團(Hachette Fillipacchi NY)推出 ELLE.com 及 ELLEgirl.com。

Ovey 於後來轉型從事科技行業相關的工作。她曾幫 Notesolution(現改名為 OneClass)開拓至全球市場。之後於 Shape Collage(現改名為 Loupe)工作,負責拓展策略合作夥伴關係並管理全球超過500萬用戶。她曾參與 GrowLab(現為 Highline)與BitLit 的一個由創業投資者支持的加速器項目(這已是 Ovey 第二次的參與)。隨後她搬到香港並協助 EventXtra 開拓全球市場。

除 oy&co,Ovey 亦曾成立及營運了 Y57,一個另類的媒體廣播台,播放展示年青音樂家的作品及活躍於社會的青年故事。 Ovey 目前正幫助 TGN(啟迪環球網絡)建立它位於亞洲的帝國。當 Ovey 放下 iPhone 時,你便可於網球場、飛盤場、高爾夫球場或戶外冒險場地找到她。


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