Trevor Owens

New York, NY

Trevor is an entrepreneur, author, and investor in early stage startups. He's currently Managing Partner at Stacks Accelerator, where he invests in outstanding teams building Web3 startups on Bitcoin with the Stacks blockchain. Stacks Accelerator has a portfolio of nearly 50 startups spanning DeFi, NFTs, and Web3.

Previously, helped foster the growth of the Lean Startup movement by creating and running one of the world's largest, grassroots organized training programs for entrepreneurs called Lean Startup Machine. A three-day bootcamp, Lean Startup Machine workshops have been taught in over 150 cities and impacted more than 200,000 entrepreneurs.

Trevor is also author of the bestselling book on applying Lean Startup methods in large organizations, The Lean Enterprise: How Corporations Can Innovate Like Startups.

Harvard Business School Professor Tom Eisenmann praised the book, saying:

"Owens show us how corporations can leverage lean startup methods and drive innovation through internal incubation, acqui-hires, and strategic investment. The Lean Enterprise provides savvy insights on the organizational structures, systems, and processes that will maximize success odds with corporate entrepreneurship."

As an entrepreneur Trevor has worn every functional hat building both service-based and product-based businesses. He previously served as both CEO and CTO of, a software platform for entrepreneurs to test new business ideas with the Lean Startup methodology.

Owens's work has been featured in national media outlets including Forbes, Bloomberg, Fast Company, Business Insider, Mashable, and others. He's been a featured guest speaker at Princeton University, Columbia University, the United States White House, and worked with companies around the world including General Electric, Amazon, Microsoft, Huawei, United State Postal Service, and many others.