Pedro Ribeiro

Engineering Student in Jacareí, Brasil

Hi, there! I'm glad that you've came this far just to know me! I'm Pedro, a Computer Engineering Student at ICT - UNIFESP. From the first time that I discovered what a mathematical model were, I knew that I've found my match, haha!

My interests range from designing Digital Systems (such as CPUs, GPUs), to elaborating algorithms to simulate the time-dependent evolution of complex dynamical systems, such as efficient water distribution across the Sao Paulo State, or the spread of a disease in a population, or even earthquake prediction.

Although I'm an undergrad Computer Engineering student, I already hold a B.Sc. Diploma in Science and Technology (purely scientific degree), also from ICT - UNIFESP. Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a Scientist, and now I'm honored to say that Thank God, I am!

It's a privilege for me to inform, that I'm currently doing research at GIBIS on Image Processing techniques to improve Image Registration Processes (wich themselves will improve medical diagnosis) under supervision of Prof. Dr. Fábio Cappabianco. And that I'm also a member of the Machine Learning Group of UNIFESP, where I've done research on Classification Problems, supervised by Profa. Dra. Ana Carolina Lorena.

If you wish to contact me, there are plenty of means to do so!

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Email (above, on the "Hire Me" button) or at:

pedro [dot] felipe [at] unifesp [dot] br

  • Education
    • Federal University of São Paulo