Pablo Barrios/ @pablorober

Consultant in Guatemala

Pablo Barrios/ @pablorober

Consultant in Guatemala

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I'm a Chemical Industrial Engineer in love with technology, longlife learning and training.

I've worked in the Sales and Marketing field in several international companies, which'd gave me a nice perspective of the corporate world.

My previous education is pretty sure just the beginning of a great lifelong learning adventure.

I also enjoy being an Online and Offline trainer. I've developed, designed and managed BLearning and ELearning projects, on LMS platforms and Virtual Learning Environments.

I'm passionate about EdTech and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).

Alwas looking forward to enrich my Personal Learning Network (PNL) with contacts to share valuable experiences and disruptive ideas about the teaching-learning process.

A Community and Social Media Manager. Always seeking ways to apply tools and resources to the "student centered" teaching-learning process.

In love with mountain biking and films that trascend time!

  • Work
    • Market One BTL
  • Education
    • Master in Marketing and Commercial Management
    • Post Graduate in Engineering Management
    • Chemical Industrial Engineering
    • BLearning Projects Planning, Design and Management
    • Community Management Course