Pablo Vannucci

Associate Producer / Director and Writer in Sarasota, Florida

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I am currently the Associate Producer / Director at SNN, Suncoast News Network. I have experience in writing, directing, producing, video shooting and more.

I have a passion for writing, especially fiction, and enjoy writing novels, music and television scripts. I have self-published my first book with Amazon and CreateSpace, called "The Vanished." It follows the adventures of four humans who are abducted from Earth and must journey across an alien planet to prevent the galaxy's sun from dying. My book is now avaliable on Amazon:

My goal is to further myself in the Television Industry to produce and write TV shows. What I really want to do is create shows that reflects the roots and essence of classic TV from the 1950's and 1960's. This means I would like to create shows using this time period's production style and fun-feeling comedy, but of course with an updated atmosphere to stay up to date with the times.

I have grown up watching classic shows, and after watching the greats of the classic TV like Lucille Ball, Eve Arden, Danny Thomas, Joan Davis and Gale Gordon, I feel it is time to bring this good-feeling era back to today's chaotic television world.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. My passions revolve around writing, specifically in script writing, fiction novels, and songwriting. I also like to make my own music.

I hope that my ideas and creativity in music and TV will one day be seen in the Entertainment World. In the links below, I have included all of my social media platforms.

My personal website where all of this is put into one platform is:

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    • Full Sail University
    • University of Tampa
    • State College of Florida
    • Cardinal Mooney High School