Paige Champagne

Network marketing Leader in New Orleans, Louisiana

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Paige Champagne is a successful network marketing leader, digital content creator, and mental wellness advocate from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her dedication to mental wellness and animal welfare advocacy makes her stand out. After earning her degree from Louisiana State University, Champagne ran two thriving family businesses for over two decades. However, she challenged herself to leave her comfort zone and explore new opportunities. Her journey led her to network marketing, a career where she's excelled and continues to build a loyal following. Mental wellness is a topic that resonates deeply with Champagne, and she actively supports various nonprofit organizations, animal welfare-focused charities, and other good causes. Champagne enjoys reading, healthy eating, and traveling outside her professional career.

Today, Champagne is a driven and accomplished network marketer with Amare Global, a position where she has become one of the top earners. Amare Global is based in Orange County, California, with a vision for incorporating people, products, and programs into a holistic mental wellness platform that can create a global mental wellness revolution. Champagne's passion for mental wellness advocacy aligns with the company's mission. As a network marketer for Amare Global, Champagne inspires others to believe in their potential and abilities. She continually supports her community, encouraging empowerment, happiness, and individual support. She's a valuable asset to the team and demonstrates unwavering dedication and passion for mental wellness advocacy. Champagne's commitment to mental wellness and animal welfare advocacy, along with her top-notch network marketing skills, has allowed her to build a reputation as a passionate and successful leader in her field.

  • Education
    • Louisiana State University