Student in Farmingdale, New York


Student in Farmingdale, New York

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Palamon or Pala. they/them pronouns. Read all my links at the bottom.

Age: 19.

Gender: Interegender. (Dfab).

I may come off as aggressive from time to time. I have violent impulses, and a few mental illnesses/disorders. More information in my mental health sheet below on that. It's never anyone's fault, except my own.

I like to write. I guess it's my special interest. In fact, I wrote a 485 page novel. That's not impressive at all. I want to be a librarian someday, and voice act a bit in my free time. I don't like taking selfies, so you have to bother me in order to get one out of me. I also like making avatars and often make two a day to keep my skills going.

I like girls. Yes. I'm gay. Because of homophobia in my household, I watch a lot of ecchi anime instead.

I'm into Kagerou Project. It is literally my lifeline. Don't diss it. It's fine to say you don't like it, but don't diss it, especially in front of me. I also like Magical Girl, I also really like Black Rock Shooter, she is my waifu, and I love Vocaloid, too.

I have high functioning autism, but I don't like talking about it. I also deal with mood swings which range from high, depressed, suicidal, paranoid and angry. If I ever lash out, it's never you, and it's always me. I apologize a lot, too. I also have something called seratonin deficancy, but it's no big deal. It's probably the reason why I'm depressed a lot.

In regards to following/unfollowing, I always follow back. I sometimes follow first, but not a lot. I usually don't unfollow unless you unfollow me, and we didn't speak a lot. I get extremely paranoid when people unfollow me, and sometimes ask why out of paranoia, but I'll try not to. And in regards to blocking, please don't block me as a joke. If I'm going to block you, I'll let you know before I do so.

I don't bite, and I love meeting new people! I won't forget your personality once I encounter you, probably~.

Please don't ask for my Skype info unless we've talked a lot and I feel like I know you well enough. It makes me uncomfortable.

And in regards to neg seeds, please don't like my neg seeds if you don't understand how I'm feeling. In regards to username, my at will always be @Yurimoth, I won't be changing it, so yeah. It is pronounced Yoh-ree-moh-th, and means "God of Magic" in a language in my book. My ls account is @Yuma, my neg is @Serpent. Those have separate about pages on their respective bios.

  • Work
    • I don't work.
  • Education
    • High School.