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Looking Beyond the Selective-Style Rack for Specialized Warehousing Needs

Versatile, functional, and affordable, the selective-style Pallet Rack is the most common kind found in Miami warehouses today. It is also the sort of used pallet rack miami companies most frequently seek when they expand their warehouses, with companies like Atlantic Rack stocking more pre-owned racks of this kind than any other.There are good reasons for the ubiquity of this style of rack. A selective rack allows warehouse workers easy access from both sides, meaning that traffic flow on the warehouse floor is often improved compared to the alternatives. It is also capable of storing a wide variety of pallet-borne goods, typically falling short only when it comes to the heaviest and bulkiest items.There are still times, though, when a selective rack system will not be the best choice. For operations where an absolute maximization of space usage is needed, for example, the selective rack will be far less attractive. Although some such racks can be deployed in a back-to-back configuration that will help to improve capacity, this takes away one of their strengths by inhibiting access. At the same time, even when configured this way, a selective rack system will fall short of other types in terms of capacity provision for a given warehouse space, meaning that such efforts are typically best seen as half measures.Drive-in systems, for example, are often a much better choice when the utmost in capacity is wanted. Available in depths of three or more pallets, this is the kind of pallet rack miami warehouse managers most often choose when there is a need to maximize a warehouse's storage capacity. Once again, access becomes more difficult compared to an opened-up selective rack arrangement, but paying this price results in capacity improvements that may add up to 30% or more.The drive-in style of rack, then, is quite a bit less commonly seen in Miami warehouses than selective ones. At the same time, it serves an important purpose that those more versatile, generalized racks do not. The same can be said of the kind of cantilevered racks that are often used to hold the heaviest and bulkiest items or the pallet flow rac