Palmco Energy

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Family owned and operated PALMco serves residential and commercial customers across six states by allowing them to choose which electricity and natural gas suppliers they purchase from. Developing out of the nationwide deregulation of utilities industries that began in the 1990s, PALMco works diligently to provide energy purchasers with competitive prices, dependable supplies, and courteous customer service.

The family owners behind PALMco began working in the energy industry in the 1930s. For decades, they watched the industry slowly consolidate and the cost of electricity and natural gas increase. Today, the business maintains licensure with public utilities commissions (PUCs) in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, as well as local utilities in each state. Soon, PALMco will also offer services to Massachusetts-based residents and commercial enterprises.

PALMco makes the switch easy for new clients. The energy company does not require a start-up fee. It does, however, handle all processing and notifying with new customers’ former utilities providers. To contact a PALMco customer service representative and learn about available gas and electricity prices, log on to

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