Pamela Johnson

I'm interested in what happens when we provide space and breath to allow ourselves to drop down into our hearts, and access parts of ourselves with which we may have lost touch. I also believe that self expression is key to healing; as is remembering that we are the experts on our own lives.

My overriding objective with Co-Active coaching is to help clients step forward into more grounded, meaningful and fulfilling lives.

My approach to coaching integrates my background in creative expression and physical practice. For me the body provides vital information in a coaching session - both to me as the coach, but also to the client, allowing them to access different avenues of awareness through their physicality. My yoga and chi gong practices are vital foundations to a deeper level of this awareness. Last year I completed the Octopus Garden Yoga Teacher Training and I've been integrating that learning in all areas of my life.

My journey towards coaching has its roots in my past experience as an actor, delving into the realm of understanding the human experience and telling stories about that experience. For the past nine years I translated that emotional intelligence into the arena of scenario based coaching and consulting for various corporations. Over the past year I've been drawn to expanding my coaching skills into more of the personal realm, looking at the whole being. I have an Honours degree in English, and I've completed Eric Maisel's Creativity Coaching course. Most recently I trained with The Coaches Training Institute ( CTI), and I'm currently working on my Co-Active Coach certification with them.

I have passion for the journey. I have passion for helping others in their process of self discovery and fulfillment.