Pamela Booker

Currently I'm faculty in the Individualized B.A. Low-Residency program at Goddard College, Vermont and adjunct Writing Faculty at New York University. I am also pursuing the Ph.D. in Leadership & Change at Antioch University, where my studies focus on issues of organizational communications and sacred, creative and ethical practices for navigating the post-modern eras.

When asked to name myself I respond: Essayist, Fiction Writer, Dramatist, Adult Learner, Organizational Leadership/Knowledge Worker and Educator. I am interested in leading conversations and projects that synthesize ethics, sacred arts, human sustainability, rationalism, race, gender and identity, in the work-place and in academic settings. As an transdisciplinary writer, my works have been published and staged in the United States and internationally. They reach across genres and disciplines in the creation of literary and performance narratives in tandem with critical and interrogative texts.

Recent writing fellowships and residencies include: (VCCA) Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, (FAWC) Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center, the Norman Mailer Writer's Colony and group art shows in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Critical thought, compassion, and reasoning are more vital now, during a particularly heightened time in the world when nearly any thinking that instigates questioning beyond the obvious or relies on intuited gifts, are seemingly less valued. Others are misrepresented or replaced altogether by rigid ideologies. What's a generative blueprint for exercising intentional language when we question? How do we reconcile and demystify the longstanding causes for issues related to power and dominance? How do we shape tools of expression? How do we learn to be less afraid to ask these kinds of questions is what my life practice is concerned with.