Tudor Panait

On April 1, 1976, two young Californians built a technological miracle in a rented garage in a city called Palo Alto. That day, they sold the first Apple Computer.

They had no idea that garage was to soon become the starting point for the famous "Silicon Valley" thanks to their accomplishment. The two friends had a dream which they believed in and they worked really hard and went through lots of efforts to make it happen. Steve Jobs had to sell his hippie multicolored Volkswagen to get the ball rolling and now their dream came true, people from all over the world not just that they use Apple products but they love them.

Tudor has the strong belief that the world is heading to a people focused environment where the purpose of technology is to make everyone's life easier and to offer everyone more time to spend with their families, for their hobbies, for travelling, for making their dreams come true. But he learned an important lesson and he knows very well we all need to make an effort and add bricks to the basement of our future in order to make it happen.

Tudor is a professional with a strong experience in multicultural and multinational environments and, by always challenging the status quo, he grew very fast through his career path and he acquired an impressive set of qualifications and gratitude from the people he worked with.