Singer, Songwriter, and Storyteller in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada


Singer, Songwriter, and Storyteller in Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

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Nick named by her aunt...

Is a First Nations Haida Singer || SongWriter || Storyteller & Activist ||

Originally from the beautiful and remote island archipelago of Haida Gwaii on the Wild West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Loop Poet & FolkHopSoul Pioneer - She has a unique & eclectic style influenced by west coast life, ancient wisdom spirit & consciousness & the utter inescapable emotionality of a human on earth seeking Truth & Purpose. Her music is her healing & her art. She combines her personal truth, universal wisdom, socio-politics, philosophy & life experience into: loop poetry, soulfull vocal harmonies, spoken word, conscious hip-hop influenced verses and acoustic melodies. She Is a passionate & hopeful warrior. She embodies her own unique essence, soul & sound on stage.

Acoustic folk rock guitar and spectacular soul vocals are fused together for intimate acoustic performances, and live stage production that combines looped rhythms, poetic verses & melodic harmonies that burst forth emotionally engaging performances, often freestyle & tailored unique for the energy of each audience.

She is a conduit for universal truth & wisdom.

Her Haida name Kindu-Aus means "Wealthy Lady", but there was no monetary system for her ancestors, so the meaning of wealth is that of cultural wisdom & the abundance of the natural world combined.. She holds herself rooted with deep reverence & respect for the wisdom of her ancient ancestors of Haida Gwaii - and the Indigenous & First Nations cultures of Mother Earth. Raised surrounded by her first loves = the Pacific Ocean and Northwest Coastal Rainforest, she has cultivated an intrinsic bond with nature.

Ms.|PANIK is an active participant in the protection of the natural world and the sacred biodiversity of our planet, She holds herself accountable & responsible for helping to preserve wealth and abundance for future generations. She is a Soul Warrior, Ancient Wisdom Protector, a voice for social & environmental justice, a student of the sacred, and a companion for those who seek healing & wisdom.

She openly shares her heart & soul, her vulnerability, her healing & her creativity in her art and performance ~ aimed to help inspire others to unite as as sisters and brothers on this journey of life & the planet we share.

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