Paramount Bathrooms

Furniture Store, Paramount Kitchens, and Bedroom Design in Gosport, UK

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We are a family run company that is based in Hampshire. We have been trading from the same address for over 25 years and we specialise in the manufacture of the high-quality bathroom, bedroom and kitchen furniture.We feel we offer something a little different to your usual brand of mass produced furniture. Every piece of furniture that we make is made to a customer's specific requirements and is, therefore, individual to them. There are several things that we offer that you won't find in your Moben, B and Q or Wickes furniture.You may be surprised at how good our prices are compared to other companies and you may feel that we compromise on quality but we certainly do not. How can we do this? As a manufacturer, we sell directly to the end user. This cuts out a distributor and a showroom/shop out of the supply chain and therefore 2 companies that would normally be adding 30% - 40% each onto their buying price are not involved hence we can save you a lot of money.