Public Speaker and Art Director in El Cajon, California

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Pastor Eric and his wife Jennifer have had the privilege of serving the community of El Cajon, on the corner of Mollison and Madison for more than 20 years. Originally as the worship arts pastor, then as the youth pastor and currently as the lead pastor, they have loved, prayed, served and lived in this community with intentionality and care. Their heart and commitment to the community of El Cajon can be found in the invitation to pray at the opening of a new Wal-Mart or that they know the names of most of the checkers at the grocery stores and the staff of long time local restaurants, or that people who grew up in their youth groups will come and visit knowing that the Rountree family will be at church on Sunday serving as they have been for all these years.

You will often find Pastor Eric on the porch before and after service available to chat and pray, you will hear him say from the pulpit that his heart is that everyone feels welcome in our doors, that he hopes you find Jesus and that your life will never be the same, you will also hear him laugh from parking lot, you will see that he takes his job of loving God and loving others seriously with the amount joy that comes from serving God in the place he knows he should be. You will also see his wife and four children hard at work behind and in front of the scenes helping to serve Newbreak El Cajon as they have all done from the beginning.

To say ministry is a family affair for the Rountree family is an understatement! Many long days and nights are spent as a family working and creating a warm and welcoming space for anyone who is a guest or who calls Newbreak their home church. When the Rountrees are not working hard you can find them trying out new coffee shops or restaurants, taking in a movie, or hanging out with friends. If you haven't already, please come and introduce yourself!!

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