Public Speaker and Art Director in El Cajon, California

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It might be Pastor Eric's years of ministry experience that would lead you to want to hear him speak, but it's his authentic preaching style that will make you stay in your seat and want more when it's over. Pastor Eric is known for his seemingly opposing characteristics. Wise beyond his years, yet young and relevant. Fun and funny — but incredibly serious about helping others to know God at a deeper level, including getting involved in ministry. He has a heart for people of all walks of life, and wants all to know that being a Christ follower does not mean giving up who you are. Together with his wife Jennifer, Pastor Eric has served God in many capacities for many years. Before becoming Pastor in 2004 of the Newbreak East County, Pastor Eric was the Student Ministries Pastor (ages 0-25) and Worship Arts Pastor at that very location for 11 years prior. “I was raised in church, where my dad was a Pastor. But that doesn’t mean I got the ‘back stage pass’ to hang with Jesus. I had to learn through my mistakes and choices that He loves me — and freely volunteered His life as an offering for my sins,” he said. Pastor Eric and Jennifer live in El Cajon, CA with their four children (Aaron, Nathaniel, Elijah, and Rebekah). Pastor Eric’s favorite past-times are: “Tabu Sushi, Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes, our chihuahuas Chico & Lola, dinner and a movie with my beautiful wife, and dance parties with my awesome kids!”

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