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Stock Market Trader, Stock market Trainer, and Portfolio Builder in Mumbai, India

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Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha, a distinguished Civil Engineer with an M.Tech. from IIT Roorkee, has a rich professional background, having worked on various hydropower projects for Skanska outside India. His journey into trading and investing began through the influence of his Swedish mentor, who introduced him to the intricacies of the market via live trading sessions. This ignited Yogeshwar's passion, leading him to seek professional training in both India and abroad. By 2007, he had transitioned into a full-time trader, and by 2010, he began mentoring others. Since then, over 5,000 students have benefited from his six-month mentoring program at Pathfinders Trainings, which includes live trading sessions.

Pathfinders Trainings specializes in equipping individuals to become professional traders and investors. The focus is on empowering students to trade in the Indian stock, commodity, and Forex markets independently through comprehensive training in fundamental analysis, technical analysis, risk management, and the psychology of trading. The program covers:

  1. Intraday Trading: Techniques to create daily profits.
  2. Swing Trading: Methods to capitalize on market movements.
  3. Portfolio Management: Strategies to build long-term wealth.
  4. Diverse Trading: Trading stocks, futures, options, commodities, and Forex.

Key Beliefs at Pathfinders Trainings:

  1. Market Dynamics: The market is driven by differing opinions, and success is about increasing probabilities through skill development.
  2. Bidirectional Trading: Understanding and utilizing derivatives like futures and options to profit from market movements in both directions.
  3. Risk Management: Overcoming time, skill, direction, and leverage risks to achieve financial success.
  4. Self-Reliance: Emphasizing the importance of taking control of one's financial growth and not relying on guarantees from others.

Prominent traders worldwide agree that with proper training, stock market trading is a highly rewarding profession accessible to everyone. Pathfinders Trainings has successfully trained thousands of students over the past decade to trade and invest confidently.

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Now is the time to acquire trading and investing skills and take control of your financial future. For more details, call 9022330009 or visit www.pathfinderstrainings.in.

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