Patience Salgado

Richmond, Virginia

I am a seasoned kindness worker and community organizer, I believe the city of Richmond (and the world) shines bright when we allow kindness to lead us across divisions of race, culture, class and creed for the depth of human connection.

I find there is beauty in the dark and power in the light. This idea called me and some other dear people to create The Light of Human Kindness Project, the interactive mural that became a movement at the RVA Street Art Festival.

Over the years, national kindness missions like Ding-Dong Ditching, Pennies in Protest, Virtual Swear Jars and Garbage Gratitude have invited thousands to join me in becoming part of the human family and making the world a kinder place to be.

When I am not in a state of dreamy chaos with my partner Jorge and four kids, you can find me cooking up nation-wide kindness adventures or life-changing corporate talks at

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