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Due to recent tighter security measures, all passengers wishing to travel to Belgium need to have an identity card or passport. These documents are not legal and do not serve any legal purpose, but they can be used to prove identity and the location of the holder. These are also needed for movement within the country and once you have obtained one you can simply use it at the airport as well. All travel within the European Union has to take place via an international airport and this is what the Belgium Passenger Locator Form is all about.

According to the latest regulations of the Belgian government, anyone who intends to travel to Belgium must complete the Belgium Passenger Locator form before they can travel. This form is needed to be completed by travelers who intend to travel to Belgium and who are staying in the country. The purpose of this form is to prove identity and age-appropriate identity when applying for a visa or the right of stay. This form is also needed to verify that the applicant is an individual of interest to immigration authorities. It also checks whether they have been convicted in any other countries for crimes such as terrorism or crime.

While some international visitors entering Belgium may fall under the legal age to travel to the country, others may still be denied entry if they do not possess a valid passport. The Belgium Passenger Locator Form, which requires proof of identity and age, as well as proof of nationality, can be a burden and could result in fines or penalties. If you are travelling to the country on holiday, the authorities will most likely not require you to complete this form. However, if you intend to travel for business purposes or are between the ages of sixteen and seventy-five, you must complete the application for a valid passport before boarding the airplane.