Patricia Fox

President and Entrepreneur in Chicago, Illinois

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I am a President and Entrepreneur currently living in Chicago, Illinois. My interests range from entrepreneurship to photography. I am also interested in answering services and Call center.

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For her entire adult life, Patricia has worked hard to build up those around her. By understanding the needs of others, she has been able to create strong business relationships that have flourished into amazing friendships. She has found that strong healthy relationships are the foundation of success.

She started her professional journey in retail where she saw first hand the impact customer service has on the success of an organization.

Even with her success in retail, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In 1990, with her husband, they started Unicom Teleservices. Unicom is a 24-hour live answering service based in Chicago, IL. For the last 27+ years, she has been key to helping organizations become more productive and efficient.