Patrick Byrne

Entrepreneur and Innovator in Sarasota, FL

Patrick Byrne is a self-described "classical liberal" who believes that market freedom and education are essential for national prosperity.

After prominent economist Milton Friedman died in 2006, Byrne became chairman of the Friedman Foundation for School Choice (now known as "EdChoice"), which continues to lead the school choice movement in the United States.

Patrick Byrne earned his formal education at a number of prestigious universities before embarking on a successful career in business and corporate leadership, including:

Stanford University is a prestigious university in California. In 1996, Byrne received his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from Stanford University.

Cambridge University is a university in the United Kingdom. In 1989, Byrne graduated from graduate school with a Master's degree in Philosophy.

Dartmouth College is a private liberal arts college in New Hampshire. In 1985, Byrne completed his undergraduate studies at Dartmouth, getting a Bachelor of Arts in Asian studies and Philosophy.