Patrick Curl

Software Engineer, Web Developer, and Consultant in Provo, Utah

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Patrick is a self-taught full-stack developer. He's been installing/hacking cms's and php scripts since about 2001, including such gems as PHPNuke, Xoops, PHPBB, and Wordpress.

From 2008-2011 he focused mostly on providing help with wordpress sites, tweaking them for SEO or ecommerce, troubleshooting php errors, etc. He also did onsite SEO optimizations for companies. Around 2011 he started getting more interested in coding 'from scratch' and learning about MVC frameworks like Rails. He signed up and completed all the rails courses on CodeSchool, and just started building some small side projects.

In 2013 he started working for a textbook company and originally started out building an app in Ruby on Rails, the requirements were changed and for sake of being able to deploy to shared hosting they wanted the code in php. He migrated everything to Laravel, and fell in love with the framework. He still likes Ruby language and syntax but for php Laravel almost makes php feels 'rails like'.

On the frontend he's used jquery for a lot of things but more recently has been switching over to primarily using vueJS. He's also used Angular 1 and 2 for web and mobile projects (usually on top of Ionic Framework / Cordova).

Most recently he worked a 15 month contract for Insomnia Cookies via a sub-contractor (Bonk Studios) to migrate 5 million+ lines of code from codeigniter to laravel. The migration took about 5 months for 6 devs, I was the only one working full-time on the migration as others were taking care of bugs and feature requests for the production app.

After the migration there was still lots of work to do, including working on features for their mobile app (Ionic Framework), building an internal careers portal with automated posting to craigslist via their bulk api, and more.

Most recently I've been working on freelance projects, but I'm looking for something a bit more stable / long-term. Remote would be best as I like working from home.