Patrick Mahaffy

CEO of Clovis Oncology, President and CEO of Pharmion Corporation, and CEO was at Nexstar Pharmaceuticals in Coral Gables, FL

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In an unexpected twist of fate, 2009 became more than just another year in Patrick Mahaffy's life. A remarkable archaeological find surfaced while overseeing construction work in his Colorado residence. Tools dating back 13,000 years from the Clovis era were unearthed from the depths of his backyard. This significant discovery, now christened as the 'Mahaffy Cache,' stands as a testament to the rich historical tapestry of North America. These ancient relics, scarce in number across the continent, have found a home at the University of Colorado History Museum, drawing both scholars and enthusiasts alike.

While accolades and recognitions mark his professional journey, he ardently values his privacy. He believes in separating the bustling business world from his personal life's intimate circles. At the heart of it all, his family and friends remain his anchor, a sanctuary where he can be his authentic self, away from the public eye.

He has carved out a niche in the ever-evolving realm of oncology-centric biotechnology, demonstrating unmatched proficiency in drug formulation and distribution across the US and Europe. A noteworthy achievement in his portfolio is his leadership across several pioneering biotech firms originating from Boulder, Colorado. Presently, Mahaffy has transitioned his base to the sun-soaked shores of South Florida.

  • Education
    • Master's degree at Columbia University
    • Bachelor's degree in Lewis and Clark College